Sometimes life takes us by surprise and we can't cope. Loss of loved ones, everyday incidents such as car accidents, medical procedures, divorce, even changing jobs, moving, falling off a bicycle or being bitten by a dog can become traumatic and we feel lost, out of control and can't seem to be able to move on.  We are here to help you. We decode your surface level problems using highly effective revolutionary approaches. Don't delay.

Get in touch with us today and schedule your free of charge consultation so you can tell us your story and find out how we can help you. 

It is ok if someone gets to a point, when they just cannot take it anymore. Because it is a good place for a change. Sometimes as people, we need a “push”, a “whack on the head”, something significant to help us see that we need to start changing things.  The question is: how shall we do it? That is what we will show you when you start working with us. There is always a way.
— Margareta James

Hello, I’m Margareta James, the Founding Director of the Harley Street Wellbeing Clinic. Most of our clients find us when they have tried a long list of things to help them with their problems, but nothing worked. I have seen so many people going to therapy for years on end that didn't work and in some cases made them worse. At the clinic, we usually get phone calls and messages when people are hanging onto hope. Our goal is to help people get to the point when they can cope with life's ups and downs themselves and are not reliant on continuous ongoing therapy (as that is like another type of addiction.) Empowering them is what matters most. 

We pride ourselves in bettering people's lives every day by using cutting edge methods based on research from psychology, behaviour, brain and neuroscience to mention a few. But most importantly real life experiences. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with complex challenges people face and we are driven to remain at the forefront of our field, continually educating ourselves and researching pioneering treatments to be able to help clients of all ages much faster than it was thought to be possible before.

I am a Behaviour and Emotional Wellbeing Specialist with two decades of experience as a consultant, therapist, coach, trainer and speaker. My private practices are at Harley Street London, Henley-on-Thames and Cambridge.

At the clinic, we work with the best consultants across the country who specialise in how the body and mind work together to create our health and wellbeing. 

We work with celebrities, royals, companies, family businesses, schools, sport teams and individuals in the UK and overseas.

We have helped many many people over the years and we are confident we can help you if you are experiencing challenges in your life.

We can help you if you are going through emotional pain, turmoil, have problems 'functioning' properly, can't sleep, feeling stressed, not 'feeling yourself' or you have been through difficult times or trauma. You might not even know what it is, but you know that there is something blocking you from living your life fully.

If you are ready to change, we are here to help you. Don't delay. Get in touch with us today. 


Adult's Wellbeing

The truth is, most of our clients find us when they have tried a long list of things, and nothing worked.

We are confident we can help you as we help many people every day.               

Children's Wellbeing

We all know, that sometimes as parents, we are just too close to help our children. At the clinic, we know this. So instead of browsing random parenting books, let us do the work and help quickly resolve those problems.

Wellbeing at school

Children's academic success depends greatly on their emotional wellbeing.

We help many schools achieve outstanding results by giving children the best tools to build resilience and manage stress.

Wellbeing at work

If you are looking for workshops, programmes or talks on the latest, cutting edge thinking, get in touch.

We design and deliver these every day for companies, sport teams and family businesses.

Keynote lecture, Denmark

Keynote lecture, Denmark

"Margareta was a great support and help to me in preparation for a number of large speaking engagements. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."

Stuart Reid – CEO, Arthur J Gallagher

"Margareta's training and coaching style is passionate, challenging and fun. She is devoted to understanding what makes a person tick, and then breaking down barriers and emotional blocks, so they can achieve what they desire. Working with Margareta is an engrossing, life-changing experience."

Thomas Keller, CEO, Retail

“Having worked with Margareta she has really helped me understand and process my mind into thinking clearly under pressure. Under pressure away from the rugby field and out of my comfort zone, when I’m talking in front of large audiences and delivering speeches. She has helped me use the natural tools I used to motivate and focus myself for playing Rugby and helped me transfer them into the next stages of my career.”

Jim Hamilton, Saracens International Rugby Union player

5 years of breaking down in tears ended yesterday when I had my session at the Clinic..."  

Deborah Clark, Texas United States

"I didn't even have to talk about it and it's gone! I still can't believe it..." 

Nick Kingston, Henley on Thames

"After a very messy marriage and divorce I finally moved on with my life. Or so it seemed....." 

Christina, Royston, Cambridgeshire

"We found the Clinic when we had run out of ideas about what to do with our daughter, whose behaviour suddenly changed..."  

Stephen and Monika West, Cambridge