Professor Margareta James’s style is fun, passionate and challenging. She is devoted to understanding what makes a person tick, and then breaking down barriers and emotional blocks, so they can achieve what they desire. Working with Margareta has been an engrossing, life-changing experience and it gave me new meaning. I highly recommend her, the no nonsense approach really works!
— Thomas Keller, CEO, Retail
Professor Margareta James was a great support to me in preparation for a number of large speaking engagements. Her approach is highly effective and the advice and help I was given was invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
— Stuart Reid – CEO, Arthur J Gallagher
My marriage ended rather traumatically and it felt like my life had been on hold since. I didn’t know how to move it forward and I seem to have lost my purpose. It felt like I lost my old sense of self, who was full of joy, laughter and energy and I didn’t seem to be able to move on and get myself out of this darkness.
Then I started looking for help and I found the clinic. The help I received was really surprising even for me, because I started noticing the joy in my life returning, my friends commented on the shift they saw in me and even my relationship with my daughter improved. I started socialising more, and I realised that I was reacting to people and challenges differently. The quality of my life hugely improved since and I am so grateful for the help. It is really hard to find the right help, when there are so many different types of therapies out there, and I had many attempts previously that didn’t work, so that is why I am writing this review, because the combined approach of Psychology and Neuroscience gets to the root of the problems and is really very effective and powerful. Highly recommend it to anybody who has been struggling to move on and get their lives in order!
— Rebecca Atkinson, Surrey
This treatment has changed my life! After I saw the Television interview with Professor James, I sent her a message as I had been living in the shadow of death for more than a year by then, after my daughter died so suddenly. I was crying for months and my everyday life was completely ruined.
When I had the Havening treatment, I couldn’t stop crying for about an hour and a half whilst shortly re-visiting the terrible memories. It was very painful, but we did a lot of work regarding these memories. The treatment was professional and very powerful. On the way home in the car, I fell asleep, I was so exhausted.
I spent the following days with doubtful observation. I was monitoring myself and my reactions. I was fine, but I was waiting for it to get worse, because that was my experience after every single other treatment I received over the years. But it didn’t get worse. My entire life started to change, so suddenly, only after one treatment!
Since then, I only cried a handful of times and by using the technique myself, I managed to stop crying, without hitting rock bottom like before. To me it is unbelievable, magical result!
Of course, losing my child still haunts me, but it feels like it is on a different level now. Havening gave me an opportunity to live a ‘normal’ life and hugely improved the quality of my everyday life.
I thank the creators of Havening and the lady who treated me, Margareta.
— Gabi Joo, Budapest, Hungary
I had a real problem controlling my weight and sweating. I didn’t know why. I had two broken relationships - a marriage that ended after 14 years, and another long term relationship that ended after 12. A long history of betrayals, mind games and so on. I was sexually abused when I was 5. I never told anyone, even my parents. I didn’t think they would believe me. I felt I was on my own, with nobody protecting me.

I have 3 grownup children and they have all left home,. So all alone again, I had to take a good look at myself. I had to admit it. I was a wreck. Then I heard of havening and I thought I was going to give it a go - I had nothing to lose. Professor James did some really interesting work with me and it kept me really curious as I had no idea that you can permanently change things that I had been carrying around. I thought there were here to stay!!

Well, the programme Margareta designed for me, specifically dealing with my issue, entirely changed my life. Since then, many months have passed and I haven’t been happier TO BE ME in my entire life!!! I feel real relief, and to my biggest surprise, my sweating is gone! My appetite has also changed, I no longer seem to be obsessed with what I eat - which used to be my comfort. I don’t seem to need it anymore. What an amazing ‘side-effect’!
I used to start relationships carrying my emotional baggages, negative assumptions and fear. But since my last appointment with Margareta, I have got into a brand new relationship and I am over the moon. I finally feel that I could enter into this relationship as ME!!!
I love the new me!!
It took some work through the sessions, and it wasn’t easy, but I’m finally free of the limitations of my past and it really changed my life. Thank you Margareta, I am truly grateful!!!
— Christina Peterson, London
5 years of breaking down in tears ended yesterday when I had my session at the Clinic.
After my husband died, I could not even think, let alone talk about him without busting into tears. After my session with Professor Margareta James, I had a long talk about him and the incidents I discussed I could not previously talk about without crying every time. To my biggest surprise, not only was I not emotionally distraught, I did not even feel the need to fight back any emotions.
I must thank you a thousand times Margareta. I never thought I would get to see the day when I can talk about him without crying. It’s quite funny and I can’t believe I had to fly to England to sort this. But since I saw you, life is good and no more weepy Debs. This is amazing to me and I am so grateful.”

And an update from Deborah 2 months after our consultation:

”Life is such a blessing from God. I am in a play with our local community theatre. I get to wear my wedding rings and have had no tears, just joy in remembering our love. Such peace. I thank God for bringing us together and helping me move through all those years of unreleased feelings.
— Deborah Clark, Texas United States
We found the Clinic, when we had run out of ideas about what to do with our daughter, whose behaviour suddenly changed into withdrawn and sad and she wouldn’t talk to us. The help she got, had incredible effect on her to this day. We still can’t believe the transformation and are truly grateful for Margareta for what she has done.
— Stephen and Monika West, Cambridge
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After a very messy marriage and a divorce, I finally moved on with my life. Or so it seemed. From time to time, I had some really strong emotions taking over me and I wasn’t able to control them. Sometimes they kept me up all night. Then I found the Clinic, recommended by a friend, so I emailed them. They designed a programme for me, tailored to my needs and current circumstances and I thought I would give it a go as nothing seem to have shifted these emotions in me for so many years. After and since my sessions, I started to feel like a different person and I just cannot believe the change! I had a feeling of lightness which I never felt before. I guess I carried a big baggage around - for years. And it is gone. So, I highly recommend the Clinic to anyone who has some emotional baggage or some lingering negative feelings they cannot seem to deal with. The help I was given was amazing.
I am so grateful, thank you for all the help.
I feel simply amazing!!!!!
— Christina, 62 from Royston
we work with phobias and fears of all kinds

we work with phobias and fears of all kinds

Just a quick message to thank you so much for the session that you did with me before I went on holiday, I am so delighted that everything went absolutely brilliantly.
My phobia of big crowds was a huge worry for me, but hey presto, no worries about being in crowded places any more and Bangkok was certainly the place to test it!
Your compassionate way of working enabled me to open up, something I haven’t found that easy in the past, I loved the Havening and the results speak for themselves. Thank you so much, I will be recommending you for sure!
— Sue Frampton, Portsmouth
I carried a huge weight on my shoulders that had stopped me pursuing what I wanted to achieve for 45 years. I took a step forwards but my head took me straight back again. 45 years of forwards and backwards and always staying stuck. The energy drain was horrid and I felt hopeless. Then I heard of the Clinic and their different approach and methods. Well, wow. I had help to isolate the causes of the blocks and now they’re gone. All I can say is wow. My life has transformed, my face has relaxed and I am now catching-up with all the lost years. Words can’t describe how powerful I now feel. Try it and see how powerful you will feel. Thank you.
— Eddie, Windsor
Girl horseback riding at sunset
The end of my marriage left me devastated, betrayed and abandoned. Years of dealing with a hostile ex-husband, whilst raising children alone, meant my self-worth and confidence were eroded, and it is fair to say that ‘the old me’ had disappeared. Then, with children flying the nest and my own life in limbo for many years, I struggled to find any kind of purpose or real happiness in it. Despite many good friends, the loneliness was at times overwhelming, and something I felt ashamed of.

In desperation over the ‘dreaded’ Christmas period I searched for some sort of help. I had tried therapy before, which made no difference, and was sceptical of many who call themselves therapists. However, based on extensive online research, and reading various articles and testimonials, there was something that drew me to Margareta’s approach and I decided to take a ‘punt’. I’m so glad I did because the outcome has been life-changing. I contacted the clinic by email and was amazed when I got a call the next day. I ended up seeing Margareta for several months; my sessions were tailored specifically for me, depending on what I needed. Understanding the brain and how it works has made such a difference in understanding myself. The combined benefits were almost instant. Margareta has helped me to process my pain, evaluate and reconsider relationships, and address and break negative patterns of thought and reactive behaviour in a relatively short period of time.

My outlook has totally changed. I feel like a weight has been lifted. Most importantly, I am back to my old self; positive, carefree, laughing and happy. I no longer fret about the future, and have finally been able to let go of the hurt and betrayal.
Crucially, I no longer crumble under attack, and am able to brush it off without a further thought. The most extraordinary thing about Margareta is that what seemed like ‘just a friendly weekly catch-up’, was clearly so much more, and has had such an impact on how I feel. Having tried so many therapies before, I was so lost when I was looking for help, however, these sessions were life changing and I couldn’t recommend Professor Margareta James enough.
— Daisy K, Ascot
I found Professor Margareta James, when I was looking for hope. I was in the hellish depths of antidepressants withdrawal. I was lost, scared and broken. After taking them most of my life I finally tapered myself off but I was unaware of the battle I’d have to face to rebuild myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I’d hit rock bottom and had lost all hope but thankfully through my family’s search to help me recover they found Margareta. After one session with Margareta I finally realised I was going to be ok, she believed in me and gave me the hope I’d lost. I knew, that with her help I was going to be ok.

During our sessions Margareta used many different ways to help me. Through Havening and other methods she helped me face past traumas and challenges in a way that was empowering and effective. She taught me how to reprogram those past experiences that were holding me back and how to understand myself on a level I never thought possible. Throughout giving me (easy to understand) explanations of how the brain works and why I might feel and behave in certain ways that caused me to feel anxious and depressed at different stages of my life. Being given that knowledge empowered me to take the control back and helped me to not only to continue my antidepressant withdrawal recovery but to also come out the other side as a stronger person who knows and understands herself better than ever before.

I was very scared to live a life without medication thinking that I “needed” it. Margareta helped me to see that what I actually needed was the support, understanding, compassion and guidance to work out the deep route causes of my anxiety and to reprogram it in a gentle but highly effective way. Margareta not only did all of that but she’s given me the tools I need to continue to build my resilience and confidence on my own.

Margareta’s impact on me was so enlightening and effective that she has also helped my husband. He’s making great progress and is blown away by how much Margareta is helping him live a happier and more fulfilling life.

My experience and time with Margareta has been life changing in the most wonderful positive way. I’ll forever be grateful to her for being the shinning light that guided me when I was lost in the darkness.
— Claire, Wokingham
Margareta has really helped me understand and process my mind into thinking clearly under pressure. Under pressure, away from the rugby field and out of my comfort zone, when I’m talking in front of large audiences and delivering speeches. She has helped me use the natural tools I used to motivate and focus myself for playing Rugby and helped me transfer them into the next stages of my career.
— Jim Hamilton, Saracens International Rugby Union player
Margareta with Saracens Rugby union players, Jim Hamilton, Hugh Vyvyen, Charlie hodgson & Martyn wood

Margareta with Saracens Rugby union players, Jim Hamilton, Hugh Vyvyen, Charlie hodgson & Martyn wood

I met Professor Margareta James through Ashridge Business School where she was a speaker.
She was truly inspiring and after her talk, I was lucky and I managed to book an appointment. Her methods are incredibly effective; she helped me more than anyone before! Margareta is understanding, very professional and has an incredibly effective way of helping you see through complexity and giving you clarity, so I really encourage you to book a session with her and not wait until your problem brings you down.
Thank you for helping me feel great!
— Lauranne Reynaert, Bahamas
Ashridge - hult business school

Ashridge - hult business school

The Clinic was recommended to us as our daughter, 14 went through a very stressful time and she started withdrawing and behaving differently, so we wanted some help for her and after trying every other route you can imagine, with no success, we found the clinic. Even after the first session, we noticed the difference in her - we could hardly believe it ourselves! Now, after three ‘sessions’ and a couple of months later, she is still doing really well and there has been a definite shift in her mood, she says she feels more ‘herself’ - and the change is really noticeable. We highly recommend the Clinic to anyone who has emotional problems or a child with emotional or behaviour problems. Thank you so much for what you have done for our daughter and our family.
— Sophie and Terry, Cambridge
Our daughter (aged 11) had been diagnosed with anorexia 2 years ago and admitted to hospital. We were in the CAMHS system. The anorexia had been triggered by an awful experience in a toxic school environment. As a mum, I was desperate, bewildered and terrified of my daughter being admitted to hospital. The power of the anorexia was unbelievable and I knew my daughter wasn’t improving with the treatment plan she was receiving from CAMHS. I wasn’t sure what was going wrong, but I knew I had to find outside help and quickly before my daughter started to deteriorate again.

I found Professor Margareta James, and everything slowly began to change. The first thing Margareta immediately identified was that all trust had completely broken down between my daughter and myself, in fact (very sadly) she trusted no one. Margareta worked with us tirelessly to rebuild this trust, because without this, my daughter was never going to accept her ‘meal plan’ and be able to fight the anorexia. Margareta unpicked what my daughter had experienced at school and helped her to cope with ‘the anorexic voice’ inside her head. Month by month, the weight crept on and the anorexia very slowly began to subside. Margareta worked with us as a whole family unit, and this has been crucial to our daughter’s recovery. As the main carer for my daughter, I was in an awful state of shock and anxiety and definitely needed help too. Margareta knew that if I wasn’t in a good place, there was no way I was going to be able to help my daughter get better, so she helped me too along the way in so many ways.

It’s been unbelievably hard work, but we are finally on the home straight. The treatment and support Margareta has given us has pulled the whole family out of a crisis situation, which could have continued for years. It has been a very collaborative approach, and Margareta’s communication and guidance has been exceptional.
I had also been on anti-depressants for anxiety for 9 years and was desperate to not have to rely on them. Through Margareta’s help, I was able to stop taking the medication which was incredible as we were in the middle of a particularly difficult chapter of our lives. Margareta turns unhelpful thoughts on their heads, and has given my daughter & I tools that we will use for the rest of our lives. Margareta is continuing to work with our daughter to make sure she never reverts back to the unhelpful coping mechanism of restricting her food again (I describe it as ‘bomb proofing her’!). Without doubt, Margareta has brought our daughter back to us, and for that, we will be eternally grateful.
— Katie, Henley on Thames
Our family’s life has changed since these sessions!!
Our son, 11, seemed really ‘down’. We started really worrying about him as he stayed in a lot, didn’t feel like doing anything with his friends and lost interest in doing his schoolwork too. After trying to talk to him a number of times and trying different avenues, his behaviour still wasn’t changing, so we got in touch with the Clinic at Harley Street.

Our son grudgingly agreed to go along and we are writing this review, because the shift in him was remarkable. He had some confidence problems he didn’t want to talk about - to us, but at the Clinic, they managed to find the cause, so they could work on it together. We were so worried and we are now so grateful for what you have done for our son, thank you very much again. He seems so much more confident and more alive. We highly recommend the Clinic to anyone who has worries about their children.

It is always lovely to get a different perspective anyway, sometimes as a parent, you are just too close to help.
— Mary and Tom Kinsey, London
I work with children every day between the ages of 1-6 and I went home with my head full of ideas and I haven’t stopped since! I love Professor James’s talks and workshops as they are truly focused on what matters to everyone who wants the best for their children! Highly recommend the Wellbeing Clinic to anyone who looks after children”
— Tanya, Childminder, Hertfordshire
Great thoughts and some very insightful advice at the talk for everyone who looks after children. I am a teacher and I learnt some things I never knew. Incredibly grateful for opening my eyes. Thank you again!
— Mark, form teacher, Newmarket
We are a usual ‘busy’ family and we asked for help with our teenager as we found that we haven’t been able to get through to him for a while. We got some great insights and advice which helped us greatly, so we cannot recommend the Clinic enough. They walk the talk! Thank you again.
— Sarah and Peter Parker, Cambridgeshire
Truly transformational!
We went along to Professor Margareta James’s talk, as we wanted to know how to best help our children’s development. We left with tools we use every day. You helped us transform our family’s life at home. Thank you!
— Chris and Anna Smith, Peterborough
Mindblowing! We learnt so much about ourselves in this workshop! We find ourselves applying the techniques we learnt every day and shouting has certainly decreased in our house! Thank you again.
— Kate, mum of toddler, 3 and teenager, 14, Leamington Spa
I had an issue with driving around roundabouts since I had an accident many years ago. It affected my entire life in a significant way, as I could only take the bus or walk when I had to get out of the house. Plus I had to rely on my husband driving and taking me to places. This left me feeling helpless. BUT the fear of driving was bigger!!!!
Anyway, I tried all sorts of therapies over the years, to get me back on track, but nothing worked. Until I found the Clinic, where they helped me get my life back.

I have now been out driving on my own for the first time in years and I never felt so happy!! I got my mobility and my freedom back. I only went for 2 sessions before I was back in the driving seat again after 5 years of not driving!! Fantastic result, I can’t recommend it enough!
— Fiona Lloyd, Cambridge, UK
My daughter has suffered from hair pulling, Trichotillomania since she was 5 years old, she is now 9. A boy mentioned to her at school she had facial hair and since then she has disliked how she looks. For years, we couldn’t find help despite seeking advice from GPs, hospitals and searching everywhere for a consultant who could help us.

We flew to London and my daughter had a 2-hour appointment with Margareta in March. The build-up to her first visit was traumatic for her and she was physically sick before the consultation. Margareta sat with her, then beside her on the floor which helped her open up. My daughter spoke about pulling for the very first time when Margareta asked her about it. She was unsure at first, but she opened up and felt really positive afterwards. Margareta addressed the issue head-on, when prior to this meeting, it had never been discussed explicitly.

Margareta continued to work with her to develop her self-esteem which is a considerable step forward for our daughter. She is the best we have seen her in a long time. Smiling and dancing about. There is an incredible shift in her and she now likes what she sees in the mirror and she hasn’t been pulling since her first appointment, after pulling for such a long time! As a mother who has searched for over 5 years for the correct help, I feel positive for the first time. Thank you.
— Terry J., Scotland
I didn’t even have to talk about it and it’s gone! I still can’t believe it!

I have been having ‘relationship issues’ as long as I can remember. I noticed that I was in a loop of repeating patterns of bad relationships. I wondered why I was meeting the ‘wrong’ people. My self-confidence was non-existent and I didn’t feel I was ‘good enough’ and deserved to have a ‘proper relationship’, instead of the ones I seem to have had over the years. But, I didn’t see all that - until I had my first appointment at the Clinic in Henley.

It was really interesting actually, because something happened to me that I didn’t want to talk about in the session - but it was lovely as we could work ‘content free’. Just once session seem to have lifted tons off my shoulders. I have no idea how it works, I just experienced it - but I know one thing - it set me free! I would highly recommend it to anyone who has any emotional issues or bad habits. Amazing, life changing experience, thank you!!
— Nick Kingston, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire
This therapy has been a life-line.
I’m truly grateful for the support and advice given, not only for my teenage daughter but for me and as a family unit, which sets it apart. Margareta gives sound advice, tells it how it is and what’s needed (regardless of the problems, alongside a compassionate and fun approach and holistic techniques.

My daughter has been given a sense of self worth. She’s more resilient and can now see the possibility of a bright future which was non existent before. She may not be aware of it but is more emotionally balanced, more communicative, doesn’t tend to “shut down”, less “meltdowns” and is coping better with life’s ups and downs. What’s best is that the things she has learnt, will stay with her.
— Lee Anne, Brighton