*SOLD OUT* Resilient Children - tools to help you from Psychology and Neuroscience

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*SOLD OUT* Resilient Children - tools to help you from Psychology and Neuroscience




BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND - After the last event sold out, so many of you asked us to run this event again, so here it is:

Diary date for you -Tuesday, 9th January 2018. Don't miss it!

Join us at this stunning location where the 101 Dalmatians and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were filmed and take some time out to understand how you can do things differently with the children in your life that is going to make a huge difference to their and your life too long term! Refreshments will be provided.

It is terrifying when things start going wrong with our children, so we will share with you what we know about how we can nurture resilience in them so they have an inner strength to cope with whatever life throws at them. Having worked with celebrities, royalty and people of all ages, we see how people develop this skill that is so crucial for our wellbeing. Don't miss it.

Only a limited number of advance tickets can be booked online.

Why are we doing this talk?

We have more, can do more and give more than ever before, but our children's happiness is still not guaranteed.. We work with a lot of children and young people who don't believe in themselves and feel they are alone.

Even though they have privileged lives, and parents who would do anything for them, the children can't see it. It is a dangerous and scary place to be for both the parent and the child, especially when the child does not see a way out of their problems, and is self-harming or having suicidal thoughts.

We can all make mistakes and we can correct them. Not suicide though. There is a lot we can do as we are by their side on their journey as parents, teachers, mentors, friends.

There is so much we can do every day and we all know that we can provide a springboard for our children's future. So the question is how?

We have the incredible opportunity and one of the most challenging, rewarding and beautiful tasks on our hands. Raising, guiding, nurturing and accompanying another human being on their wonderful life journey.

You could browse through thousands of parenting books or ask others in search of a random method, and see if it works.

Or, save your time, effort and some grey hairs and let us do the research.

At the Wellbeing Clinic we do our research, so you don't have to. Using findings from the latest behaviour and brain research to mention just a few, we help parents and professionals - just like you - focus on the most valuable tools they can use every day to nurture their children's healthy development.

It is a fact that we can teach children how to recognise and manage their own thoughts and emotions. With these skills, they will be able to enjoy a more carefree and happy childhood and they also stand a greater chance to head-off a host of potential mental health problems later on. You have the power now to make their futures better. We will share with you what you can do and how you can help the children in your life live better, happier, more balanced lives.

Did you know? We spend a whopping 12,896 hours cleaning and 100,786 hours in front of the TV and various screens in our lifetimes.

Swop a couple of these hours for something useful and come along on the 7th November to learn how you can make a difference to your children's lives for decades to come.


The host and presenter is Margareta James, who has been asking questions about childrens and adults happiness and wellbeing for the last few decades. Her background is in psychology and neuroscience and resilience is her specific area of interest. So she will share what we know from research and experience. Having worked with children and successful people all around the world, she connected the bridges between childhood, fulfillment and wellbeing so crucial to a happy, fulfilled life, which we would all like our children to have.

So let's talk about how we, parents, teachers and professionals can make a difference in our children's future, their happiness, their progress. Come and join us at a lively discussion and let's see how we can make a difference for the next generation!

What this talk is not: We are not telling you how to do your parenting. It is entirely your decision. Nobody has all the answers, we will share with you what we know from research and experience so you can make more informed decisions.

What this talk is about: Understanding how we can help our children find themselves through changing our perspective, and connecting with them more in ways that are meaningful for them.

Our passion is to help you nurture your children's emerging personalities the best way possible.

What do people say about this talk?

"A key talk everyone needs to attend to be aware of what and how they can do differently that will make a big difference for their children's future." Susan Greenfield

"I left with so many tools I have been using since and I'm amazed by the difference! Highly recommend it to all who have or work with children!" Diana Burnett

"Real eye opener! Wow! The ideas kept coming. Lots to learn!" Chris Davidson

AS THIS EVENT IS LIKELY TO SELL OUT QUICKLY, PLEASE REMEMBER that advance ticket numbers are limited and if they sell out in advance, there will be no opportunity to purchase tickets on the door. Please note there are no refunds for bookings. 

Bring your questions.

When? Tuesday, 9 January 2018.. at 6:45 PM - 8.45 PM

Where? Hambleden Hall, Hambleden Village RG9 6RP (between Marlow and Henley on Thames)

The Hall is next door to Stag and Huntsman pub

Free parking - Refreshments will be provided from 18.30, starting at 7pm

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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