*SOLD OUT* RETHINK - Resilience - Communication - Growth Mindset PARENT TALK

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*SOLD OUT* RETHINK - Resilience - Communication - Growth Mindset PARENT TALK

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RETHINK - How Can We Help Our Children Better?

22nd May 2018

13 St Andrews Road Henley on Thames

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND - All previous events sold out and so many of you asked us to run this event again, so here it is:

Shaping Growth Mindset, Improving Communication and Building Resilience


Parents often ask how they can help their child become more motivated to learn, become more confident and communicate better with less conflict.

In this talk we will discuss why communication to children about their effort, successes, and setbacks often shapes their mindset and motivation.

We can help children develop a growth mindset and achieve their goals through our communication with them about effort, learning, and persistence.

We all know from research into mindsets, that a powerful set of beliefs that children form about themselves guide their behaviour and interactions with others. These mindsets include beliefs about their own ability and self efficacy. Mindsets can shape whether they embrace challenges with excitement or whether they stick to safe and easy tasks and never truly follow their dreams because they are too scared to even try.

Children can be taught to become aware of, and to shape their mindset.

This is exciting for all of us, as young children can carry forward ideas about mindsets into the rest of their lives and academic career.


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