The power of your WORDS

Stop for a second and imagine this.

Imagine that everything you say to your children forms a droplet of water on their forehead. The droplets fall onto the ground in front of them forming a pool, a lake and finally an ocean. . .

With all this water now collecting in their ocean, look at the structure of it. Is it murky, brown, muddy and overall very uninviting to dive in and swim in? Or is it pristine blue, crystal clear so it makes them smile and they won't wait to dive in?

They are already swimming in this ocean you are creating for them every single day....Think for a second. How would you need to change what you say to them in order for them to be able to have an inviting ocean, so it can fill them with self confidence and resilience? Don't forget - the way you talk to them becomes their self-talk. The impact you have on changing their lives is huge. Start today.