Russell Brand talks about his new book, RECOVERY

Some great advice in Russell Brand's new book, RECOVERY on how to tackle addiction. A philosophical approach to life and how we are trying to cope with pain, to make ourselves feel better. We often go external and try to shift our emotions through using drugs, alcohol, sex, eating, shopping etc.. There is another way. Russell discusses his experience and offers advice and a philosophy to tackle issues and challenges life throws at us. 

We work with people with these issues every day and hear painful stories of people who get stuck in patterns of destructive emotions that drive them to seek some external satisfaction. It temporarily relieves the pain, but relying on external solutions can become incredibly painful in the long term. 

The first step is admitting that there is a problem. Looking into the mirror. People who can do this and those, who are committed to recovering and getting their lives back on track succeed. Always. Life doesn't get easier, we just learn to cope with it better and enjoy it more when we are ourselves. Highly recommend the book, great read!

You can watch the Mumsnet video here