Relationships are everything - Let's talk about how to get them right!

Harry is 45-year old. He has been married for 16 years, but his marriage has been very troubled. He and his wife are often resentful of each other, they rarely communicate on an intimate level, and they have few moments of real pleasure.

Other aspects of Harry’s life have been equally unsatisfying. He doesn’t enjoy his work, primarily because he doesn’t get along with his co-workers. He is often intimidated by his boss and other people at the office. He has a few friends outside of work, but none that he considers close.

During the past year Harry’s mood became increasingly negative. He was getting more irritable, he had trouble sleeping and he began to have difficulty concentrating at work. As he became more and more depressed, he began to eat more and gained 15 pounds. When he found himself thinking about leaving his wife, his job and even taking his own life, he decided it was time to get help. 

As a result of short-term therapy techniques, Harry improved rapidly. His mood lifted, his appetite returned to normal, and he no longer thought about suicide. In addition he was able to concentrate well again and was much less irritable. He also began to feel more in control of his life as he learned how to understand himself better and finally manage his emotions for the first time, instead of his emotions controlling him.

But, in some ways, the short-term techniques were not enough. His relationships with his wife and others, while they no longer depressed him as much as they had, still failed to give him much pleasure. He only had a few experiences he considered truly enjoyable. 

So how did he get his life back on track?

We all know that relationships are everything - our families, friends and business relationships determine the quality of our lives every day.

Do you know how people get their lives back on track when it’s been ‘off - course’ for too long? 

Do you know how to get behind the 'surface problems' and find what the REAL problem is you are dealing with?

Do you know how you can do something about it before it’s too late?

So we are discussing anything and everything relationships on the 27th February at Zizzi’s in Henley. So come along if you would like to find out how to get out of old patterns, repair broken relationships and improve the ones you have, so the quality of your and your loved one lives improve beyond what you now see possible.

As it is still cold and dark out there, to cheer you up, we are giving you 25% off food orders when you book your ticket - so you can book a table for the 27th February. 

There will be a cash bar available too! What's not to like? We will be there and looking forward to seeing you in the lovely function room upstairs with it's on bar!

Bring your questions!

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                                                                        THE NEUROSCIENCE OF SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS - 27th February 2018

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This event supports our chosen charity, Cancer Research UK.