Your brain loves exercise!! Here is why..

The truth is - your brain loves exercise!! A study shows this once again.

The best part of the news is that it only takes a bit of your time every week to achieve this level of fitness.

Want to know how much exercise can get you all the health benefits?

The CDC recommendations suggest only 1 hour 15 mins of vigorous intensity aerobic (or jogging / running) activity a week or if you are more of a leisurely type, you only need to do two hours 30 minutes of moderate activity like brisk walking. Combine this with some muscle strenghtening exercise and the health benefits are all yours. Not even mentioning feeling and looking better as a 'side-effect'.

Numerous studies found the link between fitness and cognitive health and now there is one more piece of evidence that exercising can indeed  keep your brain young and your memory working better too! 

Get moving ladies and gentlemen, the time is now!